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Beach House Iruveli

Haa Alif Atoll, Maldives


Beach Houses everywhere are treasure chests of memories. Set apart from the ordinary world, they speak of familial comforts, childhood imagination, of stories told and nurtured.


None more so than Beach House Iruveli.

Here, on a remote island in the midst of Haa Alif, guests can immerse themselves in sophisticated luxury led by warmth more often found in a home. Guests not only share our island, but also the ancient world of the islands that surround us, experiencing centuries-old customs and traditions that still hold strong.

Shaped by rich cultural narratives, Beach House Iruveli crafts extraordinary experiences from a stunning natural setting. Beautifully designed villas and suites emerge from hidden pathways and lush foliage. Sunlight pours into idyllic over-water havens. Heritage features are matched by personalised detail and unexpected touches.

Maldivian cuisine comes direct from the kitchens of local chefs, while fine dining is shaped by exquisitely balanced flavours and ingenious pairings in an underground wine cellar.

Beneath the water or above, on the vast expanse of our dazzling beach or in the restorative surrounds of our healing spa, each and every moment is engraved in your memory and stays with your forever. Beach House Iruveli is not just an island, it’s a whole other world.

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